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i want to send affirmation postcards to you + the people you love. 

i want to send affirmation postcards
to you + the people you love

Thank you! The human at that address will now receive Affirmation Postcards for the next year.

* Postcards get mailed out every other month! 
* Change of address? No problem! Resubmit your name / loved one's name with "new address" afterwards in the form and/or email me of the change at!

* When you submit an address, it will be added to a master list that I will use when I mail out the next mailing. Depending on when you sign up, it may take over 1.5 months to receive your first postcard because of how the system works! If you have signed up and not received anything for 3 months from signing up -- please e-mail me! There may be an error in your address that I can look into.
* You do not need to sign up every month to receive postcards! Signing up once will get you on the list for the entire "mailing year".
* At the end of the "mailing year" (usually sometime in spring) -- I will send out postcards with information on how to sign up again for the next year if you want to keep receiving these postcards. This gives me an opportunity to refresh my mailing list while allowing people to opt-in again if they want to. If you do not sign up again, you will not receive postcards in the next "mailing year". Depending on when you sign up in the "mailing year", you may only receive a few postcards before being prompted to sign up again.
* If you are interested in helping with postage overhead, check the "Ways to Support" area on my home page! 

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