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Ever since this project started I have heard from hundreds of people saying that they wanted a way to buy extra copies of the postcards they receive for free every month in the mail. Some people say they really connected with a certain message and wanted another copy to give to a friend, some people say they want extras to hang on their wall or workplace, some want to purchase a stack to hand out at their business or event, and some just want to support the project in another way. 

Below, you will have the option to purchase any of the Affirmation Postcard designs that have been sent out since the project started. This page will be updated with the newest postcard design every time I send out a new postcard to those on the mailing list (every 1-2 months). If you are interested in ordering a quantity over 100, please reach out to me and we can work together on bulk-pricing. Additionally, if you want to work together to create custom Affirmation Postcards for your business, event, or self -- don't hesitate to e-mail me at to chat more. 


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