When I was 17, I lost my dad to suicide. For the first time in my life I realized that life was too short to not try to make positive change in the face of hardship. It was too short for anything that wasn't love. My life goal since 17 has been to give people a space to heal from the inside out. 

 I started spray painting affirmations on abandoned buildings in my hometown in 2010 (sorry mom!). People hurting said it made a difference. I heard them, and wanted to do more. I started printing affirmations on stickers and left them in the world and mailed them to people in need. People said that mattered, too. I needed to go bigger -- to make the message louder.

In July 2019 I saved my yoga teacher paychecks and rented a billboard in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The world caught on and shared stories of the billboard and the words on it saving lives and filling hearts in the ways I hoped it would. 

There have been over 400 of these affirmation billboards put up across the world. These words have been viewed by over 40 million eyes. 

Do you have other ideas or connections for people or places that might help spread my affirmations to an even bigger audience? I'm all ears. Reach out at hello@soft-studios.com.